Bluey Education

Cool Australia has partnered with Ludo Studio to create a range of Bluey educational resources. Each resource showcases an episode from Bluey and contains all the instructional information needed to bring Bluey to life.


ABC ME is a place for school-aged children to find all the best shows from Australia and around the world. Here you can watch, play and even be on TV!

70 Fun Things to do with your Kids at Home

On this List you will find activities which are easily set up with supplies found around the house!

Leaning @ Home with Cool Australia

You will find activities like building fairy gardens, cooking treasure maps, singing, games, fact-checking, dancing and bird-watching.

Happiness hub

Happiness hub by camp quality has a variety of games, art, craft and activities designed especially for kids!

Starting Blocks

Resources to assist in your child’s growth, development and safety


Disney Junior

Disney colouring and learning activities for your children!

Junk Craft 

Junk Craft activities provide a great way for you to combine common resources with recycled materials and objects from nature to create interesting craft items.